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learning about life by creating

My name is Pamela, and I have a passion for creating something beautiful that did not exist before, and sharing it with others. When I am creating, I am fully in the moment. I love crafting with words, and working with mixed media and collages. Since I was a young girl, I have been fascinated by the concept of the collage: bringing together otherwise disparate elements into something new and aesthetically pleasing. Learning about life by creating.

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Grazie Mille!

I received an unusual custom order in Italian.

So Perfect

It's extra special to hear the story behind a custom card.

Send Us Your Spirit

The confirmation of my daughter and her friends offered the opportunity for personal project.

Happy Mother's Day!

It is so easy to come up with something to say about my mother.

Teachers Rule

Handmade cards for teacher appreciation week.

Trash to Treasure

I love yard sales, both having them and going to them.

Welcome Home

Housewarming cards are thoughtful gesture from a real estate agent.

Dear Sister

I bought a chalky tile and pulled out my archival pens.

Blessed Easter

Sometimes the smallest gesture makes the biggest impression.

Felting Dreams

I can't get this sweet little guy out of my mind.

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