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Milestone Tribute

Updated: May 25, 2022

This card is for my friend of twenty-five years, the kind of friend who keeps all your Christmas cards and ties them together with a string.

Of course, purple is the base color in pearlescent.  The texture is provided by some hand corrugating, but only offset in the center. A bit of washi tape is added, as well as the page of a probably mundane book that is transformed tres chic for its French words. A filigree medallion with a purple pearl sets off the subtle pearl tribute to the milestone age. But in the center, the sentiment says it all: "Friendship lightens every burden and makes the sun shine brighter."

Knowing my friend to be an avid reader, I made a matching bookmark alongside. It worked well adorning the package which held her present. The simple word "Friendship" is displayed along the face.

At my friend's request, I made a name plaque for her sweet hamster's cage. I used a hobbit font and theme, since her hamster loved the movie. The map is from the book, and the pun is from my corny sense of humor. I can't say I have ever made a pet plaque before, but I can see it as a new caged animal niche to be explored.

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