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learning about life by creating

My name is Pamela, and I have a passion for creating something beautiful that did not exist before, and sharing it with others. When I am creating, I am fully in the moment. I love crafting with words, and working with mixed media and collages. Since I was a young girl, I have been fascinated by the concept of the collage: bringing together otherwise disparate elements into something new and aesthetically pleasing. Learning about life by creating.

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Succulent Fandom

What is this obsession we have with these fat little fleshy plants?

Pacify Me! Pacify Me!

Constant entertainment is a disservice to our children. Teaching a child to be still, even for a short while, is a great gift.

Easter Reflections

To no longer be awakened at the crack of dawn on Easter morning by two exuberant little children is both a good thing and a bad thing.

Winning Spirit

My son's basketball team is quickly proving themselves to be the worst in the league.

Melt Me

My future daughter-in-law is one lucky girl.

Winning the Race

This day has finally come. My daughter has finally started school. The little voice in my head keeps saying, "You failed."

Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)

I have always been fascinated with how the mind works. I have also been curious about the concept of trauma stored at the cellular level.

Right in the Kisser

My ten-year-old comes into the room and plunks on the bed. After a heavy sigh, he says, "My insides feel lonely."

Leave the Light On

As he often does, my ten-year-old son asked that I leave his light on low as he climbed into bed.

Endings and Beginnings

I sit and write this letter to my beautiful daughter on her last official day of homeschooling.

Dear Abby

Dear Abby, Why do I spend time with people I hardly know, and let time pass without hailing those I love the most? Stymied in the Southwest

Reflection on a Mother's Worth

I remember asking my mother a question when I was still in awe of my new baby daughter, "Mom, did you love me as much as I love my baby?"

Raising Chaos

Every time my husband goes on work travel, he packs the kitchen elves. I keep telling him to leave them here when he travels.

First Class Boy

There was a time when my children provided me with all sorts of humorous fodder to fold into a story that grandparents would find amusing.

Refried Beans Revisited

My daughter has such positive intention when she sets her mind to something. She repeats her intention as if it were already true.

Refried Beans

I feel like a mother approaching Kindergarten with her firstborn. Only this time we stare down the barrel of junior high.

Prattle of the Preteen

I used to be able to pick up the phone at any old time, dial, and speak. That privilege is no longer in my life.

The Life of Cycles

Cycles are all around us, and as part of our everyday life as breathing. The cycle of homeschooling is not exempt from these natural laws.

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