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Of Mockingbirds and Flight

Updated: May 25, 2022

I recently purchased several blueberry plants, not a common sight in southern California. Having no experience with these plants, I was amused when the flowers bloomed to look just like little blueberries.  While I was outside taking photographs of them, I heard a mockingbird once again, making the warblings of fifteen different birds. It's not that the diversity of sounds coming out of this bird is so very remarkable, but that he can make it sound like three or four birds at the same time. I began to wonder if this was the same mockingbird that I posted about on Facebook on the first day of spring. I have to believe that it was, because he was in the same spot in the same tree.

Why do I have a hard time believing that it is the same birds in my yard day after day? There is a hummingbird with a shiny red chin who squeaks mercilessly on a bush outside my back door day after day. It must be the same bird, on a mission to slowly make me crazy with his squeaky gate noises. I suppose I have a problem believing they hang out because if I were a bird, I would use my wings and fly all over the place and discover the world. Perhaps these birds have nests and families keeping them here, like I do. Still, I am humbled that they have a choice, and choose to sing in my yard.

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