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Trash to Treasure

Updated: May 25, 2022

I love yard sales, both having them and going to them. There is just something so addictive to finding that one thing that is treasure to another's trash. It's all a matter of perspective. So on the way home from a friend's house one fine Saturday, I could not resist turning at the signpost with three different yard sale signs taped to it. The first two were bust (except for the three like-new hardcover Harry Potter books for $5), but the last one had all sorts of disheveled, dusty, old books.

The hardcover Two Towers was in such sorry shape, I hardly recognized it as once part of a very expensive deluxe set. I had to flip through it holding my breath to get the cat hair off the sides. It was pretty bad, but sadly the pages were pure white. Still, it had potential.

Then I spied the curled and ratty paperback of The Hobbit. I flipped through it, thrilled to see the pages already deeply bronzed on the edges. I asked for a price for both, and countered a dollar to his original dollar-fifty. (Really, dude? Those books were nasty!) I left happy; his trash, my treasure.

Flipping through The Hobbit for inspiration, I could have used any page really. I have read the book so many times that each page had something familiar. I chose page 29, where Thorin praises his new friend and fellow conspirator, Bilbo Baggins. It would seem sacrilegious to rip a page out of a book, but not this time. After I was done ripping and gluing and painting, I used a new embellishment, a clear sticker that draws the eye to where it is placed. One is on "Bilbo," and the other on "Baggins."

I am enjoying making these little treasures. I have made three ACEO so far, but I have collected four from around the world. I need to get busy and catch up!

What is an ACEO? It stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals. These cards are miniature collectible works of art. The only rule is that the cards must measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches. These cards are a great way to collect affordable art and connect with the art community.

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