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Dear Sister

Updated: May 25, 2022

Happy birthday, dear sister. You have reached a milestone, and earned the respect and wisdom that goes along with it. You are delightful to be around, and genuine to the core. I have always loved you, and will always need you in my life. You are smart in ways that I am not, and giving in ways I don't know how, and I learn much from you.

I wanted to try something different for a gift, so I bought a chalky tile and pulled out my archival pens. I did look at a small plate that I own as inspiration, since this was the first inked tile I have ever done. It is completely freehand, except I drew a star grid to get started.  (My star grid was off, so that didn't help immensely.) It was fun to make, and did not take as long as I expected it would. I decided to keep the matte finish and not coat it with gloss. I could see me starting to paint over it and smearing the entire work anyway.  So, keep this one inside, dear sister!

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