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Reviews are In

When someone takes the time and effort to give words of gratitude and encouragement, well, it just feels good to be appreciated. I have at times taken the time to write that letter or send that email, just because I was so happy with a product or service that I felt compelled to let them know. Yesterday I was on the receiving end, and I just had to share an excerpt of the email I received because, well, it just feels good to be appreciated. :)

"I love, Love, LOVE the [graduation] card! It is absolutely perfect and I am so glad I happened upon ChalkandSlate on Etsy...It's been so reassuring these last several days knowing that THE card is taken care of...not just any card, but the perfect, unique one that conveys the exact message that I want to give my daughter. The color is perfect, I love the diploma with colored ties...Thank you so much for doing such beautiful work, and putting so much thought into the outlay to make it "just so"...I will definitely be back to shop for more...I really love the uniqueness of your products; each one is truly a work of art...Thank you once again for beautiful art work, and for a graduation card that I will give my daughter with great pride on her graduation next week."

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