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Teachers Rule

Updated: May 25, 2022

When I read the email soliciting parents to help with teacher appreciation week, I waffled between bringing in paper goods or making handmade cards for three teachers. The paper goods would have been a little easier, but not nearly so much fun.

The first card I made was for a teacher who is quite diverse in her subjects. She teachers language arts, literature, history, and drama. It was easy to come up with elements: this year's drama productions, a couple of the books they covered, as well as the history themes. And well, she is just a Mel Gibson kind o' gal. (I didn't really have the subject of grammar thematically covered, so the inside greeting reads rough--full of errors.

The next teacher is the science and religion teacher, and also ran a science fair. I added a miniature science fair board to her card, as well as religious elements.

The last teacher teaches math and is also the librarian. The 'thank you' tag is on a replica card catalog file.  I enjoyed spending a Sunday afternoon working on these cards, but I am glad I am not the one who gets to gather several classrooms full of student signatures!

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