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Sauer is Sweet

For awhile, I was seeing just about anything as the potential mixed media fodder. I was ripping apart envelopes, stealing stamps, tearing off UPS stickers, saving the tags from my new jeans. Then my embellishments box started looking like the garbage bin, so I got rid of most of it. Now if I want something like that, I just go into the recycling and find it.

This real UPS sticker did survive the culling. I think it even has my zip code on it. While I do love "real" embellishments, I also enjoy using really well-done fake ones like these faux vintage labels. It seems to be the "in" thing to be using vintage stickers and such on mixed media art, so they are relatively easy to find. I rarely buy them, though, preferring to come across the real thing in an antique shop or the trash.

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