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Gearing Up

This card is replete (love that word) with raised stamping. I stamp the image with a slow-drying ink and quickly apply a clear embossing which is heated to a shiny, raised image.

I also enjoy working with rub-on decals, but alas, they seem to not be something available in the stores much anymore. They are difficult to work with, in that they can tear easily and make it impossible to create a perfect image. But that's why I love them so much. Bring it on! It's a rare smudge or rip or mistake that bothers me; rather, it adds to the charm. I do however, insist on the perfectly clean and unmarred greeting card upon which the artwork rests. I've been known to peel off artwork from a card that has a minuscule smudge. The smudges need to stay in their lane.

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