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It was a Simpler Time

I used to have an art blog in 2012-14 that is now just a tab on this website. It was back when I did art everyday, when I was not working and going to school as I am now. I loved that time, and hope to be so carefree and creative once again one day. I was all over social media and had a shop on Etsy, but that is all gone now. I still wanted to preserve the logo somewhere for posterity, along with the bio from my art blog. I never got very big, but that was fine by me. My best customer was my mother, and my friends enjoyed getting cards for their birthdays. One of these days, I'm going to haul out my paints again. Here are some words from the art blog, preserved for posterity:

Words from the home page:

Thank you for visiting my art blog! I am an artist in southern California, and this blog is about my journey into art. My art is mixed media original art, and very often my vehicle for sharing is a greeting card. I paint and ink and stamp and rip and shred and glue and emboss, but no designer paper is harmed in the making of my collages. It all starts with blank paper.

About the Artist

My name is Pamela, and I am an artist in southern California. I have a passion for creating something beautiful that did not exist before, and sharing it with others. When I am creating, I am fully in the moment. I love working with mixed media and collages. Since I was a young girl, I was fascinated by the concept of the collage: bringing together otherwise disparate elements into something new and aesthetically pleasing. (Except back then, I think I just liked pasting magazine pictures.)

When my hands are not covered in paint, ink, or glue, I can be found busy with family and loved ones. After many years as a left-brain engineer, I spent nine years homeschooling my two children, which took every square inch of my brain. I still enjoy working with children by bringing art into the classroom when I teach catechism. I hope you find joy in what I have created.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. -Rumi

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